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  1. GT Mountain / Cross Bike

    For sale GT Mountain / Cross Bike

    A used but well maintained mountain bike with new slick tires for city or trails. This is a great bike for getting around town and doing shopping or going on longer road trips. Pick up near Gotanda station on the Yamanote line in Tokyo.
  2. Stanton Sherpa Plus 19"  - 405000 yen

    For sale Stanton Sherpa Plus 19" - 405000 yen

    Stanton Sherpa Plus Reynolds 853 19" Not a production model - a prototype. Sherpa Plus Frame w/boost drop outs (modular, so you could change to 142x12) Rock Shox Pike 29+ fork (2 year production - 140mm airshaft installed, additional 120 airshaft hiding in my bike room somewhere) Hope Brakes...
  3. Looking for mountain bike in size L

    Wanted Looking for mountain bike in size L

    I'm looking for a mountain bike in decent shape in size L that does not break the bank (my budget is around 100,000–150,000 ¥). It doesn't have to be top spec or be pristine, but should sport reliable components (e. g. Deore or equivalent and up) and be in mechanically good shape. I'd prefer...
  4. D

    For Sale Mountain bike GT Karakoram FUKUOKA 35000円

    2 year old GT Karakoram bike for sale in Fukuoka. Extremely good condition. 29″ tyres and 24 gears(8×3). Front suspension. Extremely smooth ride and well balanced ride. A very famous model from a reputed company. Disc Brakes. Confortable seat. 1 action clip pedals. Hybrid tires Papers in order...
  5. rex kramer

    Sold! 2012 Cannondale Scalpel 2 LARGE

    ***SOLD*** For Sale: Large 2012 Cannondale Scalpel 2 29er Price: 169000 JPY or $1500USD equiv Location: Zushi, Kanagawa Parting with my first true love, a Large 2012 Cannondale Scalpel 2 29er in Team Cannondale colors. Bike is essentially a stock build other then some small changes along the...
  6. 1990 GT Team Avalanche

    1990 GT Team Avalanche

    Bought it after I got here, have been ridin it (mostly on the street) ever since. The very end of Hanamigawa Cycling Road has a dirt path and I ride it there sometimes. It's heavy and slow (compared to my Geos) but I like it and it's good training. The Deore XT (21 speed) so old the shops...
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