1. S

    Tech Kickr Maintenance

    Hi there. Wondering if anyone out there is a bit of a mechanical whiz and knows how to take apart and maintain a kickr. I have a kickr core and it’s just over a year old but - because it was a warranty replacement for a previous kickr (!!) - it’s not covered by warranty. It still works fine...
  2. olykoek

    Tech PressFit using Wishbone BB

    If you’ve had any trouble with a pressfit bottom bracket then this might be a solution. My Campy Ultra-Torque BB cups started to back out of the frame causing the bearings to move out of alignment. This also caused the NDS crank to rub against the aluminum cup causing some major friction...
  3. TheAussieinJapan

    A clean bike is a fast bike

    Hope to share something I’m a big fan of and hear how often you all do this, as well as how given variety of sizes of homes/apartments in Tokyo. So, something I used to hate, partially as I live in an apartment or sometimes known as a mansion (anything but though!), is washing my bike. Over...
  4. Free Bike Maintenance Tools

    Free Free Bike Maintenance Tools

    1. This stuff will get trashed if nobody picks it up since I'm leaving so it's free! 2. Preference will be given to those who can take a majority of the stuff rather than 1-2 things 🙏 3. I am busy / lazy so the only type of pick up will be a dead drop. Whomever replies, I will send them the...
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