1. Turn Back!

    Turn Back!

    We've gone too far and we have to turn back! Rindo turned to rough gravel - OK for mountainbikes. Luckily, only about 1km back up the hill.
  2. Arakawa Dam

    Arakawa Dam

    Naomi on Arakawa Dam
  3. Rope Access Repair

    Rope Access Repair

    Sneaking by another roadwork location. The crew was concreting the embankement to stop further landslides.
  4. Busy Bee

    Busy Bee

    Bee thought Naomi-san was a flower! It wouldn't leave her alone.
  5. Speedy Bike Club

    Speedy Bike Club

    This jersey is worth at least another couple of km/h!
  6. Dodging roadworks

    Dodging roadworks

    Rindo was officially closed but we were able to sneak though. Just a short gravel section.
  7. Summit of first Climb

    Summit of first Climb

    Tough start to the ride with a 22% gradient and rough rindo concrete!
  8. Crossing Arakawa Dam

    Crossing Arakawa Dam

    A different Arakawa! Small reservoir above Shosenkyo.
  9. Hikling


    Short roadworks section. Luckily we could get past.
  10. New Dam

    New Dam

  11. Otome Highland

    Otome Highland

    Highest point along the route at 1690m. Climb was exposed to the beating sun and we were glad to reach the summit.
  12. Peaches


    Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me!
  13. Above Kofu City

    Above Kofu City

    Climbing up Route 31
  14. Takeda Temple

    Takeda Temple

    At the entrance to Takeda Temple. Former residence of the powerful local Shogun.
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