1. Streetviper

    For Sale Various clothing, parts and accessories

    1. SILCA PHONE WALLET, new, 5500¥ 2. MORVELO TOKYO FIXED CC DEATH SPRAY CUSTOMS cycling kit jersey size S, bib shorts size M (fits like S) pre-owned 12000¥ 3. RAPHA CLUB JERSEY, colorway fig, size S, used, 6000¥ 4. CADENCE GRID cycling kit, pre-owned, all size S, 15000¥ 5. MAVIC TRI RACE...
  2. saibot

    For Sale Bonsai Cycleworks Jersey's

    Spring cleaning. Need to make some space in my closet. All items bought last season. Still in Excellent condition. I treat my kit like my bike. Always cleaned as soon I'm back from a ride. Bonsai Cycleworks Astnnatsukibank Jersey. Size L (Both Shortsleeve and Longsleeve version available)...
  3. Bruno BQ

    Rain Season

    Hey everyone, I've been checking the here and couldn't find some recommendation for a rain kit, mainly for commuting. While I found several interesting suggestion here I would like to know your guys...
  4. B

    Visiting Tokyo, looking for jerseys

    I will be visiting Tokyo next week from the US. Looking to purchase a nice jersey and shorts from Japan, hopefully with some Japanese. Have been to Pandani (nice shop)! Any other shops to check out? Also, any good places to rent a bike with a guide for a ride in Tokyo?
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