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    Tech Kickr Maintenance

    Hi there. Wondering if anyone out there is a bit of a mechanical whiz and knows how to take apart and maintain a kickr. I have a kickr core and it’s just over a year old but - because it was a warranty replacement for a previous kickr (!!) - it’s not covered by warranty. It still works fine...
  2. Wahoo Kickr Core

    For sale Wahoo Kickr Core

    Bought in February from a coworker who acquired it a few weeks earlier and didn't even remove it from the box. A classic pandemic purchase. I only managed slightly better, taking it out of the box, setting it up, doing a spin down, and then ... never using it again. All my Zwifting plans --...
  3. 2020 Wahoo Kickr Core trainer

    For sale 2020 Wahoo Kickr Core trainer

    Just throwing this out there to see if any interest as have on another place for sale as well. Anyone looking for a Wahoo KICKR Core? Bought April 2020 & used for @ 875km of training on Zwift during the first lockdowns, but now it’s an inconvenience for family in small apartment as was riding...
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