1. AARON - SEA

    I want to Bike Tour through Japan...

    Hi, I'm Aaron I'm am a structural engineer and fairly recent University grad based out of Seattle. As the title says I am looking to do a bicycle tour through Japan in the very near future (first route will probably be something like this: http://japancycling.org/v2/cguide/part5/). Thing is...
  2. Tuomas

    Across Japan 2017

    Hello everyone. I would like to borrow the collective knowledge of the TCC community. On March 2017 (At the moment looking at Sunday 12th) I am planning on embarking on a journey Across Japan. I will start from Okinawa and ultimately would like to reach Wakkanai, but I have no idea about the...
  3. Ironman Japan 08 run

    Ironman Japan 08 run

  4. Ironman Japan 08 finish

    Ironman Japan 08 finish

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