1. Castelli Winter Gear, Jackets/Bibs, everything XL size

    For sale Castelli Winter Gear, Jackets/Bibs, everything XL size

    All the gear is from last winter and everything is size XL. All the gear is also lightly used since I spent most of the time on trainerroads instead of on road due to work commitments. Over summer I lost 10kg and this gear doesn't fit me any more, on top of it, I've to make space for baby which...
    ¥2,500 to ¥29,000
  2. Musashi13

    Sold! Castelli Espresso 3 Jacket (8000JPY)

    I haven't used this for a season as it is too big for me. It is in pristine condition and thing to behold. I really do like it but it is surplus to requirements and would be better serving someone else's needs. As with all Castelli products you tend to need to size up to get a good fit and I...
  3. saibot

    Sold! TCC Jacket Size M, Castelli Rain Cape Size L

    As my body mass are slowly disappearing into another dimension I have some pieces that are just too big for me, so here it goes: TCC "Wind Jacket" (more of a soft-shell:ish material) Good as an outer layer on cold winter/fall/spring days. Castelli Rain Cape Size L Few years old. Easily...
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