1. J

    Introduction + Research for a bike (and maybe companionship) in May

    Dear cyclists, I am Jean-Marie from Munich, Germany, 30 years old and passionate reporter and cyclist. Thanks a lot for welcoming me in this community. I heard a lot about cycling in Japan and I am delighted to announce that I am coming to your country in May. My goal is to cycle from Tokyo to...
  2. Alain

    Bonjour riders! Beginner asipiring light-tourer

    Hello everyone! Thanks for accepting me in this group. French guy, stuffed with an Asian face, arrived in Tokyo in Spring 2019. Beginner rider, I rented some bikes whenever possible during my various travels through Japan. When I could have some nice bikes to travel all day long, the virus...
  3. T

    Hi! 30yr old Brit moving to Tokyo in Aug/Sept from Singapore

    Hi TCC Membership, By way of introduction, my name is Mike, I am a 30 year old British Shipbroker based in Singapore and I will be moving to Tokyo in Aug/Sept with my wife's job leaving me unemployed and with lots of time to cycle (at least initially!). I would love, whilst I am still in...
  4. Zema

    Greetings from Matsudo

    Hello and thank you for having me in the TCC. I have been in Japan for 10 years. English is not my first language so please forgive me if you read something funny. I work at weekends and have 3 small kids so, unfortunately, I cycle irregularly and very last minute. I love bikes and love...
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