indoor training

  1. Bike Training system

    For sale Bike Training system

    Used for two winter seasons. A Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Indoor Bike Trainer (143,000 Yen new) and MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform ($173,000 yen New). They were great during the cold months and were able to link to Swift online cycling program. Now this year i'm going to just suck it up and ride...
  2. Rollers

    Free Rollers

    Bought in 2019, for 10 thousand yen on Amazon, although later I found they cost 6000 yen on Aliexpress. Last time used: 2020. I have no more use for them since I now use a Kickr.
  3. rarirureroberto

    Help Bike saddle for indoor training

    This year I have transitioned to an indoor cyclist, mostly using Wahoo's SYSTM platform with a Wahoo Kickr V5. I have been somewhat consistent, but yesterday, I couldn't finish my 1 hour scheduled training, because of saddle discomfort. Friday I have a 2 hour session which I don't want to miss...
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