1. Dilbert

    How to get Bike to Wakkanai

    Happy new year all, I'm starting to plan a trans Hokkaido trip (one way Wakkanai to Hakodate around 2 weeks) and have been enjoying it so far. If it matters I'm going cycle camping, gonna be hauling around 15-20kg of stuff with me shooting for start in mid july or early august. I've been...
  2. McGrover

    North coast of Hokkaido - Best Direction?

    I'm planning to cycle along the north coast of Hokkaido this summer and am trying to decide whether to go northwest to southeast or vice versa, Shiretoko Hanto to Wakkanai. Being somewhat of an old fart I'm looking to cheat and get a wind assist. So I'm wondering if anyone knows what the...
  3. Samurai Sports Japan

    Samurai Sports Japan

    Hey all! Super new on this forum so I thought I'd quickly introduce myself and tell y'all about the soft launch for Samurai Sports Japan, where we have some cool rides (and other sporting events) open for registration in English. I'm Faith and to be honest - I am not a pure cyclist, I mainly...
  4. Hokkaido Tour

    Hokkaido Tour

    Pedal Power vs Steam Power, October 2006
  5. Hokkaido Tour

    Hokkaido Tour

    Abashiri Bike Path, October 2006
  6. Hokkaido Tour

    Hokkaido Tour

    Resting in the park, October 2006
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