1. KASK Utopia Aero Helmet

    For sale KASK Utopia Aero Helmet

    Comes with bag. Never dropped or crashed of course. Used for probably a dozen rides. I'm selling it because it doesn't have the "JCF approved" sticker, and now that I'm racing more I need a JCF-ready helmet. Technically, this helmet IS JCF approved (see their list online!), but it doesnt have...
    or best offer
  2. S-Works Prevail II Asian Fit M

    For sale S-Works Prevail II Asian Fit M

    Bought recently but doesn’t fit me well. No scratches, dents or any other damage. Disclaimer: this is a *non* MIPS version. Happy to negotiate the price if there is someone seriously interested.
  3. kurogoma

    searching for bicycle helmet

    hey, anyone know where to find `westerner fit` helmets? been trying to search the net but info seems to be lacking. is there any specifc shops in and around tokyo that stock `western fit` and if they do what is the terminology to ask for it? 欧米フィット?? or do yall with the same issue just buy from...
  4. wexford

    Help mama chari helmets?

    So... The wife has now fallen off her mama chari twice with the kids on it. Well, at least with one on there. The kids both wear helmets but the wife doesn't. It's an electric bike so rather heavy. She usually gets stuck underneath it until someone comes to rescue her :-( Last fall, she was...
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