1. Summiteers


    At the highest point of the ride
  2. Mt Fuji

    Mt Fuji

    Mt Fuji from Nagao toge summit
  3. Lake Ashinoko

    Lake Ashinoko

    From Nagao toge summit
  4. Mt Fuji

    Mt Fuji

    Snow cap shining in the cloudless sky
  5. Shiver Me Timbers

    Shiver Me Timbers

    Two of the Ashinoko Pirate Ships docked.
  6. Koyo Train

    Koyo Train

    Naomi-san leading Eugen and Kirsten through an amazing "tunnel" of coloured leaves
  7. Tokyo Panorama

    Tokyo Panorama

    Such clear air, we could see all the way to Tokyo
  8. Hakone Tour Crew

    Hakone Tour Crew

    One of the many photo stops for the day
  9. Rolling through Pine Forest

    Rolling through Pine Forest

    Eugen and Kirsten
  10. Rindo climb from Odawara

    Rindo climb from Odawara

    First climb of the day
  11. Gus's Amazing Wooden Bike

    Gus's Amazing Wooden Bike

    Trying out Gus's new cruiser-style bike. The frame is made from hollow laminated wood. Great fun to ride! Gus himself wore far more appropriate clothes for riding this beauty!
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