1. Chuck

    Best stuff of 2020

    I'm always trying different stuff. Some of it works, others go to the 'not for me' box pretty quickly. Everyone has different needs and tastes but I'd be interested to hear what folks think were some of their best clothing or gear purchases in 2020. For me, the top items are: 1. The Wolf Tooth...
  2. Michael Mumford

    For Sale SHIMANO ULTEGRA 11S 52-36 Chain Ring Set

    I have a complete set of Ultegra Chain Ring and Bolts 52 - 36 11 speed. Used.. I only ride Oval rings now and they are just taking up space. I have about 1000km of use on them I would like 6000 yen for them. Thanks Mike
  3. Azami Killer

    Azami Killer

    Naomi's race weapon for the International Hillclimb - Deore XT cranks borrowed from her mountainbike, running just the 22 and 32T rings. Seriously low gears for a seriously steep climb!
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