1. jamesguiab

    Help bikes on bus to Fuji

    Hi, I'm visiting Fuji with my friends (3 of us) with bikes. Please help suggest how to get from Narita to Kawaguchico on bus for 3 bikers and 3 bikes? Narita to kawaguchico Aug 30, 2017 Depart Narita anytime after 13:00 Fujisan (kawaguchico) to Narita Sep 3, 2017 Arrive in Narita at 9:00am...
  2. EJH

    For Sale Fuji Feather Single Speed Custom Build (52cm)

    For sale is my beloved custom built Fuji Feather single speed urban commuter. It has reliably carried me thousands of kilometers all over Tokyo for the last five years. It is a fantastic, smooth, and fast urban commuter. The chainline is perfect, and when the drivetrain is maintained and oiled...
  3. Coming down the Azami Line

    Coming down the Azami Line

    The only way is, er, down!
  4. Naomi-san with Mt. Fuji

    Naomi-san with Mt. Fuji

    Naomi-san in front of Mt Fuji
  5. Fuji-san


    The cold clear air gave us a great view of snowy Fuji-san from Wadatoge
  6. Fuji-san from the west side of Wadatoge

    Fuji-san from the west side of Wadatoge

    Clear air on this December ride gave a great view of Mt. Fuji
  7. Fuji Warriors

    Fuji Warriors

    Sergey, Yoshinori and myself at Fuji fifth station (from the Azamino line).
  8. Naomi-san rolling past Fuji-san

    Naomi-san rolling past Fuji-san

    Tour of the Lakes, 17 June 2007 (Kawaguchi-ko, Shijo-ko and Sai-ko)
  9. AW rolling past Fuji-san

    AW rolling past Fuji-san

    Not bad for Rainy Season! Shijo-ko in the foreground; Fuji-san in the background
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