1. Cinelli Tipo Pista (size 53)

    For sale Cinelli Tipo Pista (size 53)

    Selling my fixed-gear bicycle as I'm moving to NYC and picking up a beater bike for commuting and carrying yummy pizza slices home. It's in decent condition with mostly stock parts, except a few that I've listed below: Handlebars: . Stem: Switched to this since photo --> Saddle: Selle...
  2. larsrose

    Tech Is it possible to upgrade a fixie to a touring bike?

    I am considering upgrading my bike to buy a touring bike. However, before end up spending a lot of money on a new bike, I wanted to figure out if I could reconfigure my current fixie to turn it into a simple touring bike. I have a Specizlized Globe Roll II, which has a great frame, but the...
  3. paberu

    Withdrawn Wabi Classic (PRICE DROP 53cm top tube)

    Wabi Classic in Desert Turquoise for sale. Size 49 - 53 cm top tube length. I'm 170cm myself so the sizing is similar to a 52cm road frame. Unfortunately I'm moving back home at the end of July and there doesn't seem to be a cost effective way of shipping it back so it's up for sale! It's...
  4. bhaskara

    Fixie around 5万 in Chiba/Tokyo?

    Hi guys, I just moved in to Chiba last April. Now I want to get a new bike (fixie) for daily commuting and help me losing some weight. Do you guys know any brand that worth to buy around 50000yen(Less is better) and where to buy them? All this time I only look into rakuten, Amazon and brotures...
  5. Invasion of fixies this year at Sekidobashi Flea Market ... very cool !!

    Invasion of fixies this year at Sekidobashi Flea Market ... very cool !!

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