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  1. Panasonic Track Bike + Parts

    For trade Panasonic Track Bike + Parts

    I am planning a large off-road adventure in Canada next September and I need to get a new bike to suit the conditions. I would love to just go n+1 on this but am out of space. This bike is very special to me and has treated me really well but it doesn't get a lot of use these days. Ideally all...
  2. EIGHTINCH Single Speed bicycle

    For sale EIGHTINCH Single Speed bicycle

    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who is not a forum member. The measuring tape says that this is a 51cm frame with 54cm top tube. See photos. It's an EIGHTINCH steel frame and has mostly EIGHTINCH components including the wheels. It currently has no rear brake but the frame supports it...
  3. T

    Help Do you guys know UnKnown Bike? I think Unknown Bike is a good fixed gear bike company. but I want to know how you guys think about Unknown Bike.
  4. S

    Wanted 48-50CM single speed frame

    Hello everyone, Last year I bought a used 2015 Schwinn Cutter to try fixed gear riding. The frame is medium sized and is very big for me. The parts are in good shape though, and have served me well. Rather than immediately getting an entirely new bike, I wanted to see if I could get a...
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