1. TheAussieinJapan

    Ride Rapha Festive 500 2021 - What's your plan this year with ongoing Covid-19 risks/concerns?

    Hi all, Just wanted to put this out there for everyone in a season that it’s easy to avoid the bike, the elements and the cold hands that come with it. https://www.rapha.cc/jp/en_AU/stories/festive-500 Started by someone at Rapha, who actually rode 1000km over the 8 days, here’s their spiel...
  2. mikawaya1960

    Got FESTIVE500 prize?

    You know FESTIVE500 by Rapha. Their prize has been delivered. Have you got it? http://blog.goo.ne.jp/byr10311/e/6ffce3645e8724396ee7fc458ce6c4da
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