1. Tuomas

    Race Tokyo Enduro 2016, March 12th

    A four hour enduro at lake Saiko, Saitama. Cost is around 7,000yen. The location is very close to the space station, so very easy to access. A 5km course. Official Page: http://funride.jp/events/tokyoenduro2016guide/ Runnet/Entry...
  2. Podium Girls

    Podium Girls

    TCC Girls = Podium Girls
  3. Gunning for the finish

    Gunning for the finish

    Gunnar pulling away from his group
  4. Changeover


    Andy and Tim scan the pit lane for Doug arriving while Travis prepares to roll
  5. Naomi on Track

    Naomi on Track

    Naomi got back into a fast group
  6. Talking strategy with Naomi-san

    Talking strategy with Naomi-san

    Planning the final change-over for TCC Girls team
  7. Travis and Gunnar

    Travis and Gunnar

    Travis makes some last minute tweaks while Gunnar revises for his exam!
  8. Shinobu


    Pit lane planning
  9. Sergey bridging the gap

    Sergey bridging the gap

    Sergey put the hammer down to catch up to the lead group
  10. Sergey - Ready

    Sergey - Ready

    Ready to Roll
  11. Parade Lap

    Parade Lap

    Chasing the safety car - I am about p15 on the right side of the pack
  12. 3 Laps to Go

    3 Laps to Go

    I'm coming in - get ready!
  13. Travis


    Waiting for changeover
  14. Heading for the Start Line

    Heading for the Start Line

    Without any further ado - it's time to start rolling!
  15. Starting Grid

    Starting Grid

    Nervous...? Just a bit!
  16. Battle Wagons

    Battle Wagons

    Lurking in the pit lane - some fast machines
  17. Andy


    Andy focussed!
  18. Alan with TCC Girls

    Alan with TCC Girls

    Suited & Booted
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