1. N

    Help Fukuoka to Tokyo - shortest route by roads

    Hello there! In the weekend I plan to start my bicycle trip from Fukuoka to Tokyo but I have no idea about the route. I need to obtain the shortest way, must be concrete and as flat as possible. I am cycling from Europe and I had no problems to plan route for all countries before for example...
  2. D


    To all of you in Tokyo, I'm hosting an event with a 17min preview of our film TIME TRIAL (with Japanese subtitles) at the Paul Smith SPACE GALLERY on Saturday 23rd March. Invitation attached... ALL WELCOME! Thanks, David
  3. AARON - SEA

    I want to Bike Tour through Japan...

    Hi, I'm Aaron I'm am a structural engineer and fairly recent University grad based out of Seattle. As the title says I am looking to do a bicycle tour through Japan in the very near future (first route will probably be something like this: Thing is...
  4. Pierre Foucart

    Help Riding in November

    Hi! I'll be visiting Japan for 2 weeks early November and was wondering if you guys where still riding at that time of the year (I'm from Canada so here... it's too cold to ride outside at that time). If so, I'd be interested to find a place where I can rent a good road bike in Tokyo or Kyoto...
  5. appleofedin

    Greeting All!!

    Hi everyone, This is Govind, came to Tokyo a month back from India and going to be here for a while. Found this forum during my research on what kind of cycle should I get. I am a beginner in this new found hobby, and planning to get into cycling a lot in coming days. I got myself a...
  6. paberu

    For Sale ILE Default backpack

    For sale is an ILE Default backpack. Still in excellent condition with only minor velcro scuff on the material front compartment. An excellent pack for commuting with built in (removable) chest and waist straps for cycling. Will easily take your laptop, textbooks and a change of clothes easily...
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