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  1. P

    Perfuro Gear Giveaway!

    Perfuro is having a GIVEAWAY!! #givemecoldfront where i am giving away a set of Men's and separately Ladies Quality kit in the Coldfront design. Just go givemecoldfront page (there is a link there)to enter or go to and navigate from there. It is easy to enter. 1) Log in with your...
  2. saibot

    Sold! TCC Jacket Size M, Castelli Rain Cape Size L

    As my body mass are slowly disappearing into another dimension I have some pieces that are just too big for me, so here it goes: TCC "Wind Jacket" (more of a soft-shell:ish material) Good as an outer layer on cold winter/fall/spring days. Castelli Rain Cape Size L Few years old. Easily...
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