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  1. Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Road Shoes (EUR46)

    For sale Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Road Shoes (EUR46)

    Winter cleanup sale of my online shopping items... Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Road Shoes EUR46/US12.25/UK11.25/297mm. Mostly used indoor with few outdoor outings. There's some dirt/grease/oil on them, but it should cleanup easily. They don't fit my foot shape and I did find a pair that does...
  2. CommendatoreD

    For Sale Cycling shoes (mostly triathlon models)

    I have several pairs of cycling shoes to sell. Most of them are triathlon models, all bought in 2013, most never worn outside. (Couldn't find my size in Japan so ordered them online; thus, good deal for those of you long in foot) Garneau cycling shoes (with cleats) (Tri x Speed): 13.5 US, 48...
  3. YamanashiLiving123

    Road shoe recommendations

    Hey, Getting back into riding again after many years away, the sport has changed drastically. I am looking to purchase a pair of cycling shoes. No racing, only training rides from 40 km and up. What shoes are you using, any recommendations. Looking at pearl Izumi leader pro II, as it seems like...
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