1. S

    Castelli Stockists

    Hi there - anyone know a good in-shop stockist of Castelli? I've ordered a few things online and the sizing is a bit hit-&-miss - sometimes perfect other times way off. Was hoping to find a place to try kit on before buying. Thanks for any guidance (fwiw im located in the East of Tokyo)
  2. Chuck

    Best stuff of 2020

    I'm always trying different stuff. Some of it works, others go to the 'not for me' box pretty quickly. Everyone has different needs and tastes but I'd be interested to hear what folks think were some of their best clothing or gear purchases in 2020. For me, the top items are: 1. The Wolf Tooth...
  3. Bruno BQ

    Rain Season

    Hey everyone, I've been checking the here and couldn't find some recommendation for a rain kit, mainly for commuting. While I found several interesting suggestion here I would like to know your guys...
  4. kubatyszko

    For Sale dhb tights L, google android jersey M

    dhb Vaeon Padded Waist Tights size L: Wore them a few times and realized that they are too short, acceptable leg length but every 5 min I end up pulling the back up. I bought one size larger and that's perfect. Asking 2500...
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