1. Vintage (1970s??) Brooks b17 narrow

    Free Vintage (1970s??) Brooks b17 narrow

    Extremely weathered leather Brooks. Came off a friend's equally weathered touring bike. Best used as an オブジェ, as they say. Free!
  2. paberu

    For Sale Brooks Cambium C15 (Rust/Brown)

    Brooks Cambium C15 (Rust/Brown) Size: C15 Colour: Rust/Brown Condition: Used - around 1000km. Price: 11 000 or BO Looking to sell my Cambium C15 in good condition. It has minor fade/darkening/ageing in parts and very small scratches on one of the rivets (had to sit bike upside down for a flat...
  3. BROOKS saddle getting broken in

    BROOKS saddle getting broken in

  4. BROOKS B15 Swallow Ti

    BROOKS B15 Swallow Ti

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