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  1. Garmin Edge 820 and 500

    Free Garmin Edge 820 and 500

    Two old Garmin GPS cycle computers: Edge 500j Edge 820 Both working; batteries are somewhat degraded and last about 9 hours. Edge 820 loaded with Japan OSM map and has a silicone case No cables/chargers. Free pick up around Yokohama station, otherwise they will be going in the...
  2. Garmin Edge 500

    For sale Garmin Edge 500

    This is an old unit, but it's still chugging along. I've switched to a newer garmin. This would be a freebie, but I'd like to cover included shipping (I'm in hokuriku, and doubt anyone can pick it up--so, kuroneko). Or maybe free but postage due one receipt? I'd prefer this to go to a newer...
  3. BeerTengoku

    Bike Computers

    After trying out a Wahoo Elemnt that a friend lent me, and going back to using a phone mounted Android on a ride today, I came across Garmin's range in my local Giant Store as I was getting some parts for my touring bike. I really would like something specific to use on my bikes. And I have no...
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