1. A

    Joining a pro team in Japan? (and some advice for a bit of a noob)

    Hi, This is my first post here, so I apologise if what I am asking is against the general ethos of this forum. Mods -- please remove my post if you think it is inappropriate. I'm making this post because I would really like some Japan-specific advice about progressing as a competitive cyclist...
  2. T

    Hi! 30yr old Brit moving to Tokyo in Aug/Sept from Singapore

    Hi TCC Membership, By way of introduction, my name is Mike, I am a 30 year old British Shipbroker based in Singapore and I will be moving to Tokyo in Aug/Sept with my wife's job leaving me unemployed and with lots of time to cycle (at least initially!). I would love, whilst I am still in...
  3. Joe McCarthy

    Wiki Guide to Getting a Bike in Japan - Advice

    I recently finished and published a 3 part guide on getting a bike in Japan.
  4. Arpad

    Tokyo rides from Central Tokyo Sat 30 of Sept

    thank you for the add I will be in Tokyo staying at the Park Hotel Tokyo I am looking for some long rides for Saturday and Sunday. Probably a bit shorter on Sunday and around 130-150km on Saturday. Thinking about heading out west. Not sure about traffic etc but average speed would probably be...
  5. Rezz

    Help Bike Size Advice

    Hi all, Until now I've ridden around Japan on a few mamacharis and a few years ago "upgraded" to a self assembly no-brand cross bike from amazon which set me back about 15-20000 yen. It was nowhere near big enough for my size (183cm), but I wasn't too bothered until recently. I've noticed as I...
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