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Panasonic FCT09

Panasonic FCT09

First test ride up and down Tamagawa on the FCT09.
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Is it your new TITANIUM bike!?:eek:

う、うã'‰ã'"ましã"ã€' I envy you.
She is the one I have been thinking about secretly since this January.:angel:
A very great bike Thomas. I saw them at the Tokyo Cycle Show in November and really liked the finish. Did you manage to get a 60cm frame without any problems?
@ Sora-san

I just acquired her in order to CONVINCE YOU to get one yourself! :)

@ Pete

Panasonic offers frames up to 61cm. You just need to wait for about 3 weeks.
Hey, I think I saw this bike in Y's along the Tamagawa on Oct. 13. It was hanging alongside my black Felt, and I was thinking two things: 1) beautiful bike, and 2) wow, it's longer than my 58cm, which is rare in a Japanese bike shop.

If that was you, Thomas, were you by any chance riding with "Livestrong"? I was the guy in the black kit and yellow helmet who was chatting to him outside the store.

But yeah, awesome bike. I've been coveting the titanium Panasonic since seeing an ad for it in Cycle Sports magazine a couple months ago. Are you enjoying it?

Hi Deej, wasn't me last Saturday along Tamagawa. :bike:

Yes, I can recommend Panasonic. Since that picture was taken, I have changed from Shimano compact gear (50/34) to 52/36 chainrings and upgraded to carbon stem & seat-post.

The bike is my everyday workhorse: urban commuting, long-distance touring and racing (did last week's Mt. Fuji Internation Hill Climb on it), anything goes. :)
Wow, must have been your bike's doppelganger I saw!

Thanks for the info on the bike. I wonder if my wife would notice if my bike suddenly changed from black to silver? Wife: "What happened to your bike?" Me: "What do you mean?" Wife: "You had a black bike. This is silver." Me: "Are you feeling OK, honey? My bike's always been titanium with a full Dura-Ace gruppo and Mavic R-Sys wheels."

May I ask why you switched away from the compact gearing?
> "You had a black bike. This is silver."

Acid rain?? ;)

> May I ask why you switched away from the compact gearing?

Too much spinning downhill or even on flat roads.

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