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Narrow Rd.515, excellent alternative to R.20 Otarumi !

Narrow Rd.515, excellent alternative to R.20 Otarumi !

Has it been completely fixed? Last time I tried to ride there - was impossible to connect to rt.20 due to a rock slide.
This road has always been in near perfect condition as far as I know. I does not connect directly to rt.20 though. Check out the map on my blog's entry yesterday.
Oh, I see now. You made a detour on 413 and 412. But as you notice, 515 goes all along the north side of the lake and if you zoom in - there is a small (white) road connecting two sections of 515 on the north side. I tried to ride there, but it was impossible a year ago.
You are right Sergey; 515 used to be connected all the way to the top but is now barricaded. One has to descend and make a left turn at Chigura first. Otherwise it is convenient little route when riding home from Makime.

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