Merlin Works CR 3/2.5

Merlin Works CR 3/2.5

Two TCC Merliners.
Wow...two great-looking titanium bikes together. How does riding one compare to riding your TREK carbon, Thomas? Titanium vs. Carbon...which material do you prefer for your longer rides in the mountains? Curious to hear your first-hand impression as I'm soon getting a titanium bike as well...
TOM, I'm all titanium now and very satisfied. After the first little hillclimb on Wada-toge last Saturday I was very impressed, especially on descent. To quote Todor, it feels like you are riding on tracks. Being a bit of a chicken downhill, I feel much more confident on the new frame. Also, the compact geometry adds a lot of responsiveness. So yes, go for Ti! :)
Very encouraging to read this Thomas, especially the downhill feeling you described being an ultracautious downhiller myself. My own titanium frame is currently being custom-built in Japan and should be ready next month. Do you still own your Panasonic and how does it compare with the new Merlin? Looking forward to sharing a mountain ride or two with you soon.
TOM, let me use the following analogy: if the Panasonic was my stout workhorse, the Merlin would be an Arabian or a mustang. Looking forward riding with you! By the way, where do you have your Ti frame custom-built?
The comparison you made is very unambiguous....that Merlin must be a real thoroughbred! My own made-to-measure Ti frame is being produced by a Japanese company called VLAAMS (sounds very Belgian, doesn't it?) and I'm hoping she'll become my fastest racehorse too. Having outgrown compact cranks, I am reverting to a normal crankset 53/39 for this one. Will post pictures.
Thomas you have all materials of bikes now. Steel, Carbon, Titanium, Aluminum! I guess the next frame will have to be definitely magnesium....LOL
Shay, I have no alu frame yet and the carbon thingy formerly called "Trek" will only serve as home trainer. No more CF for the time being. Magnesium? Doesn't that dissolve in rain...? :D
There was a bike I read about recently which was made of flax. Perhaps that could be the next option.
Could you be more eco-friendly than with this frame....?


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