Deej with Black Thunder
Sergey -- I was just plain Deej that day. Iron Sword was too rusty to pull out of the scabbard.

Lee -- Thanks for noticing the legs. My first outing of the year with smooth haunches. Just as my 11 Campy gears go 1 higher, my legs felt 1 sexier.
Thanks Phil. The Campy worked fabulously, though sometimes I had to think for a second or two before shifting up front to remember which lever did what. Still have Shimano on the brain.

Shifting up front was quick -- way, way better than with my Shimano 105. I dropped the chain once, but that was due to shifting with the chain in a bad position.

On the ride home, however, the upshifts were getting somewhat sloppy, so I'll have to do some minor rear-derailleur adjusting. I think the poor bike was tired from all the shifting I did in the hills to find the right cadence!

The ergonomics were a dream -- my hands love Campy. Also, shifting from the drops was not a problem.

Overall, a huge thumbs up.

EDIT: Oh, and I had the Campagnolo jersey and gloves well before this bike was even a gleam in my eye. In fact, to show you how much of a newbie I am, when I bought the jersey nearly three years ago, I didn't even know what Campagnolo was! I just liked the understated looks.
By the way, when I wrote that the Chorus shifted "way, way better" up front than my Shimano 105, that was taking into account the shifting troubles I was having with Shimano due to a bent derailleur. When the 105 was in good condition, the shifting was generally OK.

Still, there were times when I had to play around with the 105 shifters to get it to engage. At these times, a loud "crack!" would emanate from the left shifter. At first, I was scared that I was breaking something. I got used to it after a while.
Thanks for the Campy report. I remember the Campy jersey from way back...didn't you wear it on the Dr. Pepper Miura ride?
Great memory, Phil. Yep, I was rocking the Campy jersey on that ride. I was also rocking a big bun on the top of my head. It's since been shorn, though, as it wasn't UCI compliant.

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