Jimba Onsen Rindo

Jimba Onsen Rindo
Like the high-angle shot ! This is the closed-off rindo leading to Bijotani-toge 美女谷峠, right?
Thanks Tom. Though I can't say I was thinking too much about angles when I whipped out my keitai. And I swear, Fuji-san always shrinks right when I snap a photo!

Ah, so that is the name of this rindo. I knew that the onsen at the base of the climb was called 美女谷, but didn't know that was also the name of the pass. Have you ridden it before? I was surprised and delighted to find such a nice little climb right next to Wada.

EDIT Aha -- I just checked out your link. I guess you have ridden it. Though the road conditions didn't seem as bad as the ones you described. Certainly doable on a road bike and no problem at all for an MTB. I quite enjoyed it! Here is a link to the route I took -- is it the same?
Yes...this is the same road! I went up from the other side via 521. Back on that September day, road conditions seemed more treacherous.

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