Classifieds Terms

Classifieds Terms

Updated: 05 Dec 2020

The Classifieds are a private-party service for members of the Tokyo Cycling Club (TCC) only: for Sale, Trade, or Wanted to Buy (WTB) type ads only.

By using our Classifieds section, you acknowledge and agree that the TCC is not involved in or a party to the actual transaction between buyers and sellers and cannot enforce or be involved in settlement of transactions. Whilst the TCC has policies in place to review activities on the website , the TCC has no control over the legality, quality or safety of items or content posted by members on our site, the truth or accuracy of listings, the ability of or legal right of sellers to sell items or the legal or financial ability of buyers to buy items. The TCC cannot ensure and does not guarantee that a TCC member will actually complete a transaction or act lawfully in using the website. Any transaction you enter into is at your own risk!

Before entering into an online transaction make sure to use due diligence and research on how to protect yourself and avoid being defrauded. View the buyer/seller feedback left for the user here on our site and do some research on the person you engage with.

  • Do not list your email address in your ad. You can contact the other member by Conversation. Keep your TCC user account updated with your current email address to ensure you receive communication notifications from other members.
  • Do not post classified ads for parties who do not have access to post in our classifieds.
  • No group-buy posts or commercial advertisements in the Classifieds or any of the other forums (vendors must contact us for special privileges). This is a private-party classifieds forum for individuals to sell their personal items, not businesses to promote their products/services. Vendors should not use this section as an opportunity to market their products they sell commercially to our members, they are to use our Vendor forum for that. "Vendor" is defined as: anyone who sells parts for a profit on an ongoing basis. If buying and selling bicycles and bicycle components is your primary source of income, you are a vendor. If we determine you are a vendor, and are posting your items for sale in our Classifieds forum, we will ask you to comply with the rules and may restrict your access on our site if you ignore our request.
  • Transactions are your responsibility, not that of the TCC. We will not be liable for any losses as a result of your transaction, nor will we assist in tracking down a fraudulent party, nor will we ban a user at your request. Do not contact us asking us to help you resolve an issue with a buyer or seller. Resolve all transaction issues outside of the TCC website.
  • Complaints about buyers and sellers should only be posted to the Buyer/Seller feedback rating system - that includes the forums. You are to use the Buyer/Seller Rating feature in the User Profile area to tell people about your dealings with another member. It is your responsibility to resolve transactions offline.
  • If you have posted an ad, and the item has been sold, please edit your ad and mark it as "Sold".
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