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EDIT: the whole lot can now be had for 20,000 yen total

1) 5 years or so old AS100V. 5,000 yen, includes plastic case and 64GB Toshiba mini SD card. still perfectly functional, but has seen a lot of use. cannot find English page for it, here's specs in Japanese:


2) 2-3 years old AS300. 20,000 yen (sells for ¥32,351 yen new), I'll incl plastic case and 64GB Samsung mini SD card. a great cam, especially strong in low light conditions, and superb anti-shaking capabilities (vibration dampening and correction) here's some specs in English:…/actioncam/hdr-as300-body-kit


3) lots of various mounts and a spare battery. all of this is interchangeable with either of the above cameras and costs quite a bit separately. would part with the whole lot for 7,000 yen, or can give a better deal if bought together with one or both of the above cams. chest, head mounts, various sticking ones, lens protection, applications innumerable.


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