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small road frame for beginner
small road frame for beginner

Wanted small road frame for beginner

Looking for 49 -52 cm range
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I have a student that is riding up a storm on his MTB that is 30 yrs old. His grandfather bought an Araya in 1991. He typically is doing 200-300kms a week!!
He is a very good long distance runner and swimmer (prefectural finalist in both) with great endurance.

I have shown him triathlon and he is keen to give it a go, once Covid pisses off, but he is still a growing lad of 14 and his parents are reluctant to sink money into a sport that they know nothing about and he may not continue and that he will likely soon outgrow.

I have enough parts to fit out a well working bike but my son is taller than me and his smaller frames have all been passed on to others at very little cost, paying it forward.

If anyone has a small road frame gathering dust could you do a fella a solid and lend him or sell at near giveaway price a frame. Any material and condition considered and we will pay shipping 着払い COD.

I am happy to consider this a loan and return the frame as he grows out of it or pass it on to another youngster.
small road frame for beginner

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