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Park Tool TS 2.2p Truing Stand
Park Tool TS 2.2p Truing Stand

For sale Park Tool TS 2.2p Truing Stand

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This is a solid truing stand and the model you will see in many bike shops. It is best used bolted to your work stand though clamping it in a bench vice would also be good. You can just rest it on a flat surface but this would not be ideal. I have built a few sets of wheel with this and also trued quite a few too. But, now that I have reduced things to one bike, I no longer have use or space for this.

This model is designed for quick release wheels but includes the thru axle adapter which is sold separately (and, of course, bolt on track wheels, mama-chari etc are all fine). I bought the adapter with the idea that it might be useful if I ever needed to true or repair my new through axle wheels but have never used it.

You can see a video introducing the truing stand at the link below:
Park Tool TS 2.2 Truing Stand Video

More information is available on the Park Tool website:
Park Tool TS 2.2p information
This is what it looks like today:


The TS-TA Thru axle adaptor is described here:
Park Tool TS-TA thru axle adaptor
A photo of the thru axle adaptor today:

And, information about the Wheel Alignment Gauge can be found here:
Park Tool WAG-4
Pics of the wheel dishing tool today:


The price includes:
1) The Park Tool TS 2.2p truing stand
2) The TS-TA Thru Axle Adapter
3) The WAG-4 Professional Wheel Alignment Gauge

Must pick up from Ikebukuro.
Please leave a message or PM me if you are interested or have any questions.
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Park Tool TS 2.2p Truing Stand

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