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For sale Garmin Edge 130 Plus - for sale

Pristine, "as new" unit -- get yourself a xmas/new year's present!


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New and unused--not even had the initial setup done on it. The unit itself still has the thin protection film attached to the screen. All packaging and contents as if unopened--cable, mounts, bands for mounting, etc.

This is an extra--I ordered from overseas, it seemed like it wasn't going to come, I bought a unit from my LBS, and then it came... Ah, well.

This is not a japan unit, but it makes little difference since it simply doesn't offer the same mapping as the higher level garmins. I just use the one I have as a tracker--only as a tracker. So if you have questions about what this unit can do, please look at reviews via google. I do know that it will take some sensors, such as heart rate and so on (no, not included), and I think you can load a route and get beeps or turn alerts. Again, check with google on those things.

¥12,000 includes shipping (kuroneko).
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