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For sale Fuji Team Rival - 54cm Carbon Road Bike

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Hey Folks,

First off - I want to thank @luka for letting me try out his Lynskey gravel bike. That helped me confirm that an all-around, all-weather gravel bike is more of what I am looking for than a super-light road bike.

Given that, for sale is my recently-purchased Fuji Team Rival (2009) 54cm road racing bike.

This is by far the fastest and lightest bike I owned, but these damn carbon road bikes terrify me. I'm afraid of hitting a bump, leaning it on something hard, whacking the frame with my lock, over-tightening a bolt, leaving it in the sun for too long, or looking at it the wrong way.

On the plus side, the bike is extremely agile, with a 2x10 drive train. The frame has a fairly traditional geometry, so it should be good for someone from about 173-177 CM. This bike is similar to (but not exactly the same as) the 2009 Fuji Team RC, which you can find here:


The frame is the same high modulus C7 Carbon frame (whatever that means) with many of the same parts, but with the original SRAM Rival components instead of 105/Ultegra. The bike for sale also weighs a bit more than the listed bike: 8.2k with (crappy) pedals.

History: I bought this a few months ago from a retired pilot who had it for quite a number of years ago but was only able to ride it for one season due to health problems. I've probably put around 3-400km on it. Some stuff was worn out, so I've replaced the:

* Chain
* Cassette: 12-25
* Brake pads
* Shifter inner cables (front and rear), and (part) of the housing that was rusted.
* Derailleur Pulley wheels
* Front tire
* Bar tape

The good:

* bearings (front, back, bb, and headset) seem to be fine, without any play or crunchiness.
* wheels are true, without wobbles or hops
* rear tire is nearly new
* rear shifting works perfectly, front derailleur takes a bit more work, but works fine
* frame seems to be in pretty good shape, despite it's age
* front chainrings (53/39) are in good shape

The iffy:

Brake cables and housing have not been replaced, because they work well enough, but should be changed
* Surface rust on brakes (springs and some metal) as well as other parts (skewers) that could use some TLC, but they work fine. Front brake quick-release should be overhauled.

The ugly:

* This bike has very, very low tire clearance. You cannot use anything bigger than 700x23C tires!
* Someone put a 700x25c tire on the front, which left so little clearance that dirt ended up scratching the paint off the underside of the fork.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm offering it for a lower price here on TokyoCycle and listing it for a slightly higher price on craigslist / etc.

Test rides are available and encouraged in the Etchujima area.

IMG_20200821_093956320_HDR.jpg IMG_20200821_093044815.jpg IMG_20200821_093048313.jpg IMG_20200821_093051547.jpg IMG_20200821_093056611.jpg IMG_20200821_093059934.jpg IMG_20200821_093104546.jpg IMG_20200821_093112781.jpg IMG_20200821_093118130.jpg IMG_20200821_093127747.jpg IMG_20200821_093134579.jpg IMG_20200821_093149056.jpg IMG_20200821_093157194.jpg IMG_20200821_093207348.jpg IMG_20200821_093225478.jpg IMG_20200821_093238195.jpg IMG_20200821_093946755_HDR.jpg
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