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Frame building jig and tools for sale
Frame building jig and tools for sale

For sale Frame building jig and tools for sale

This item has been sold and is no longer available!

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After doing a frame building course at the bicycle academy in the UK, I thought I would set up a workshop back here in Tokyo, build some more frames with a view to maybe doing it more seriously after I retired. However, after getting some of the equipment, I realise that I just don’t have either the time or enthusiasm, after all, so I am putting these up for sale in the hope that they might be useful to someone who does have the time and enthusiasm or is perhaps even considering making a business of it (or already has). The items are as follows: FrameJig.jpg 3BC2F769-8456-4C24-8426-93E4D4B053CD_1_105_c.jpeg 3263DFE1-4EA4-4267-A6F4-EDCF216D156F_1_105_c.jpeg E034EBEE-722E-4F5C-8D8D-6B760E96F8FC_1_105_c.jpeg C7725E5D-1D24-400D-9CC7-FC226EA2C630_1_105_c.jpeg 02062E9D-457B-40E8-8AB1-9A78CBC1DE06_1_105_c.jpeg IMG_3535.jpg IMG_3532.jpg
  1. A frame building jig. This is an essential item for positioning the tubes and can be set up to build any kind of bicycle frame. It is the same design as the one that I used to build a frame while at the bicycle academy. It was also the one used by Simon in the GCN videos where he built a bike at the bicycle academy as shown in the following links:

More information about the jig can be found on the bicycle academy website:


I had the jig as described in the link shipped out to Tokyo. As you will see from this information, if you read closely, the set only includes the main working parts (as well as an angle finder, and infra-red beam etc.) and requires users to source the main beams. In this case, I have already sourced the necessary beams and they are included in the sale. However, in order to assemble the jig you need to drill holes in the beams as described in the instructions and using templates provided in the kit. I am afraid I have so far only drilled one hole. For this reason, I am also including a powerful drill with the drill bits suitable for drilling these holes. There is also a 1m steel ruler.
Seat tube facer and reamer with cutters for 1 1/8 head tube. Used one time to face and ream after painting the frame.
  1. Head tube cutter and reamer with cutters for 27.2 seatpost seat-tube. Used one time to face and ream after painting frame.
  2. Park tool cutting oil for use with 2&3
  3. Blocks for holding tubes of various sizes in a bench vice.
Also included are Nicholson files which are suitable for framebuilding and virtually unused. See photo for details.

If you are setting up a frame building workshop for the first time, you would also need a work bench, metal files, a saw and either brazing or welding equipment, depending on the way you want to build your frames.
In addition, you would need a bottom bracket cutting and facing tool and taps to make the threads on bottle cages and whatever other threaded parts you include in your frames.
I hope that this is a good deal at this price but I am open to offers if you think you could put this to use and the price is a deterrent. If you are only interested in the jig, or only interested in the cutting tools, I would also be happy to sell these separately.
Due to the weight and bulk, this would ideally be collected by car.
Cost of delivery by Sagawa in the Tokyo/Kanagawa was estimated at around 10,000JPY last time I checked.
I welcome and enquiries and if you know of any non-TCC members who could be interested, I would be grateful if you could pass on the information.
Frame building jig and tools for sale

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