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Fixed Wheel in need of some love
Fixed Wheel in need of some love

For sale Fixed Wheel in need of some love

Handmade fixie that needs a bit of work, good for a tall person...
This item has been sold and is no longer available!

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Hi all!

This will need a fair bit of work but underneath it's a great bike. It's got quite a few rust spots around the lugs and a bit of pitting but I don't think it's got really into the tubes. A friend of mine who knows more about this stuff said it looks salvegable by stripping it down and repainting it, but of course buy at owners risk, hence the cheap price.

In short, it's badged as a 14BikeCo (short lived London fixie hipster shop), but hand built by Lee Cooper in Coventry, UK. Reynolds 631 tubes and a bunch of random components, mostly cheap and cheerful, but did the job well over the years.

Seat tube is 57cm (c-t), top tube is 56cm (c-c) and geo is not quite as aggressive as a proper track bike, but not as relaxed as road, feels very snappy and responsive.

Not sure on how seized or messed up stem, seatpost, bb etc are but I didn't try very hard to move them. I think it will take a fair bit of work but a good summer project and it is truly great fun to ride, very responsive and feels fast. I wheeled it out to clean it a bit and surprisingly it doesn't sound too bad and would probably be rideable with a new chain and tubes but I would want to do a pretty decent overhaul to get it where I want it.

I have listed it up at 15,000 (+ postage), but if I'm way off the mark please make me an offer! If it doesn't sell, I might keep it and try and fix it up myself but with a small baby and a new road bike, I really should move it on.

Album of images is here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/miyi7e1tAoRUJHzX9 - I'm located in Hiyoshi, Yokohama but as it's not rideable right now, postage is probably best unless you have a car.
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Fixed Wheel in need of some love

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