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Bicycle tools for sale
Bicycle tools for sale

For sale Bicycle tools for sale

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These are tools I no longer need as a result of reducing my bikes to one or having duplicates. Price is for total altogether but if there are no immediate takers as such, I would accept offers for individual tools. Also, if the price seems expensive but you are interested, I am open to offers of whatever seems reasonable.
The complete list is as follows:

Shimano chain whip 1/1/8 (for track cogs)
Shimano chain whip ~11 speed (for freewheels)
Park Tool Spoke wrenches: 1 (green), 40 (black), 42 (red)
DT Swiss spoke wrench (red)
DT Swiss bladed spoke holder (0.8-1.0 mm)
Shimano cable cutters
Signet open/closed spanners: 6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15 mm
Vessel 70x1 plastic face hammer
Irwin Vise Grip 7CR
SK11 250mm adjustable wrench
Park Took HCW-4 36mm fixed cup/peg spanner
Park Tool HCW-5 lockring spanner
Shimano 15mm/32mm headset/pedal spanner )TL-FC31
Shimano 32mm headset spanner lockring spanner TL-FC31
Park Tool DSD-2 deraileur adjustment screw screwdriver
Park Tool nipple driver
nipple placing tool
VAR inner tube core remover (RP-42300)
bench vice soft jaws F5E1422E-3286-4918-9521-9FB3B5978106.jpeg 34890046-1229-4A2C-94A8-953883D3C820.png E2B2A4BD-216F-4AB9-BA86-CFA8CADCDCBB.jpeg 17F88348-B1F2-48E0-94BF-54BD958256EE.jpeg DA01E769-6441-4AF5-A904-7E1EC7D1B0DE.jpeg C1B4D902-3FE9-49F8-8ECD-001A006C6453.jpeg B4DDF306-62AF-47F4-B964-0DA589D02CEF.jpeg C17692BE-BF25-4D12-BE86-19C2689C733E.jpeg 7EC4EFC1-0B83-429B-A874-33DD66F66F5F.jpeg

Everything comes in the Knipex tool case shown.
Bicycle tools for sale

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