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For sale 53cm Columbus Spirit 22 speed etap road bike

This item has been sold and is no longer available!


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53cm (for height around 172-178cm) Columbus Spirit tubing brass fillet braised frame with S&S couplers Columbus carbon fork, SRAM Red 22 eTap drive train, SON Dynamo lights and H+Son/White Industry T11 wheels, Ritchey kit & Brooks Cambium saddle with extra wheel set and cranks for quick conversion into a fixed wheel/track bike.
This bike needs a bit of explaining.
It is based around a frame I built at the Bicycle Academy in the UK. This was my attempt at "one bike to rule them all". However, it was not intended as one to satisfy Peter Sagan and Julian Alaphilippe or any other pro-racer but my cycling lifestyle at the time I conceived it. I wanted a bike I could commute on as a fixie during the week, put on gears to ride in the mountains outside Tokyo on Weekends and pack in a suitcase that could sneak inside airline standard baggage size restrictions as well as fit in taxis or hire cars.
Hence it has S&S couplers that allow the frame to be split in two and SRAM red etap to make this easier. It also has SON hub dynamo lights which provide worry free lighting while commuting or when a ride adventure stretches into the night. The resistance is so little it is unnoticeable and the hubs are really smooth.
It also has mudguard eyes and comes with Velo Orange black hammered mudguards to help keep you dry during wet rides if fitted. As this is a rim brake bike (albeit long reach) it can only fit up to 25mm tires with mudguards, though will take 28mm without mudguards.
Finally, the SRAM red cranks can be quickly swapped using a hex wrench to a SRAM Omnium track crank which uses the same bb and spindle. The old-style dropouts have just enough length to allow tensioning of a fixed wheel with either of the two sprockets provided. The rear wheel spacing is a standard road 130mm spacing but (besides the road wheels) the bike also comes with track wheels built with a rear Velo Orange track hub that has a long spindle and spacers to allow it to be used in a 120mm track frame or 130mm road frame.
However, having built this bike my cycling priorities have changed. Due to personal events such as my mother passing and a shift in my job focus, I will no longer have opportunities to travel. More to the point, in a moment of weakness, I fell for and bought a shiny new bike which has become the one bike I actually ride in spite of its limitations (not a Tarmac SL7 in case you were wondering) and so am looking to sell on this bike which was so much fun putting together. Unfortunately, the final paint was somewhat botched (not to mention not being to everyone's taste) so I am offering this at what I hope is bargain price considering the components. Hopefully, if you buy it you will be able to repaint it a colour you prefer in the future—TCC colours anyone?
With dynamo, pedals and everything this bike weighs a fraction over 9kg in the etap configuration but slightly more as a fixie.

Spec details:
Frame: 53cm Columbus Spirit tubing (brass fillet braised) with S&S couplers (see frame drawing for detailed geometry and dimensions) (mudguard eyes are hidden in the rear end above the dropouts and the down tube contains a screw for securing mudguards. The frame also has guides for gear cables, though you may remove these with a hacksaw if you plan to stick with etap.
Fork: Columbus Hiver carbon fork (with mudguard eyes)
Seatpost: Ritchey Superlogic 27.2 carbon seat post
Saddle: Brooks Cambium saddle with carbon rails (black)
(1) H+Son box rims laced 32F, 32R to White Industries polished hub (rear); polished SON delux dynamo hub (front) with DT Swiss Aerolite silver spokes.
(2) H + SON super lite polished rims laced with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes to Velo Orange Grand Cru track hub (read) and SON wide deluxe dynamo hub (front).
Tires: Continental GP 4000s 25mm on road wheels; 23mm on fixies.
Includes Velo Orange black hammered mudguards which are not currently fitted with all fixtures needed.
(1) Sram red etap (red 22 compact chainrings: 50-34)
(2) SRAM Omnium tack
BB SRAM BSA external threaded
Cassette: SRAM Force 11-32
(2)Dura ace cog & lockring 14T/16T
Rear derailleur: SRAM red etap medium cage
Front derailleur: SRAM red etap
Shifters: Sram red etap
Handlebar: Ritchey WCS alloy (painted) 380mm width. Rapha black bar tape.
Stem: Ritchey WCS alloy (painted) 110mm length
Brakes: Black Velo Orange Grand Cru long reach rim brake calipers
Lights: Front SON Edelux II Polished;
Rear SON seat post mount silver. (Both front and rear lights run off the dynamo)
Pedals: Shimano PD ES600
K-Edge Garmin Mount

Also includes spanners for couplers (tool bag and workshop versions) and cable splitters (though if you remove the back brake when packing for travel, these would not be necessary) and a Silca frame fit pump.

No bike suitcase is included with this sale but I would recommend purchasing Ritchey's Breakaway travel case as the best choice available at the moment if you intend to use this for international travel etc.

Let me know if you would like to test ride the bike or have any questions.

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